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crafting seams and patterns

It is always thrilling and exciting for me to make things by hands which are very dear to me. Being a textile and fashion designer you have got into many opportunities to re-discover your yesteryear’s love while making things by hands. I was dreaming to start a project here on my blog where we can… Continue reading crafting seams and patterns

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| Digital Moiré |

Series of fabric surfaces created through Light, Camera and Textile for one of my project and collection named as Digital Moiré. As a textile designer I am always curious about finding new ways of creating textile surfaces. Digital Moiré is one of such experiment I have done during my research study and archival project at… Continue reading | Digital Moiré |

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S u m m e r o f 2 0 1 3

S u m m e r o f 2 0 1 3 in the mountains of Uttrakhand…a beautiful state of India. That was the time we need to hunt for our industrial training at National Institute of Design (NID). Oh that part of the course where you decide what you want to explore …as they… Continue reading S u m m e r o f 2 0 1 3

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Stops Hostel India !! When it comes to solo travelers; women friendly travel stays; backpackers stay; friends holidaying and reunion; community stays; many terms attach to it. Our memories from #stopshostelvaranasi #varanasi2014 I remember talking to my best friend in year 2014 about our ‘Varanasi’ trip long pending one. As now we all staying in… Continue reading #StopsHostel

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i just couldn’t resist anymore !

Yes; I just couldn’t resist anymore 😉 to pen down my first Blog of ‘2016’ all about my various ‘Resist’ encounters. Due to my inclination towards hand done and crafts, from past more then twelve years  practicing various Crafts; among those ‘Resist Printed and Painted Textiles’ are on the top of the list.   From… Continue reading i just couldn’t resist anymore !

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Today I going to write a long awaited Blog of my COCO CHANEL dress. I was always passionate about details, hand stitched dresses, I have seen my granny stitching garments all by hands, which was her passion at the same time she was engaged in her own world, irrespective of having her daily routines, similarly… Continue reading My COCO CHANEL dress

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Glitches and Patterns

As a Textile Designer my curiosity to develop alternative ways of deriving patterns and surfaces, my discovery came to the land of Glitches. Basically I was manipulating and playing with  various textile techniques to get new surface each time. After researching found that what I was doing is a movement altogether called #GlitchArt. Earlier when… Continue reading Glitches and Patterns

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Clog : A farmer shoe

During my adventure trip to Netherlands popularly also known as Holland…yea bit confusing, earlier I was also considering both as two separate countries. Country is beautiful, large agricultural lands and cycle lovers all over. As you go towards country side it will mesmerize you with its incredible green beauty. My friends Nagu was busy with… Continue reading Clog : A farmer shoe

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Tribute to The ‘Master’

In Hindi we call The Master…..The Guru. A friend, a mentor and a philosopher,  M. P. Ranjan. Yesterday everything was stand still for a moment when I got to know my Guru Ranjan left the world, his smiley face was coming in front of my eyes with those conversation over the tea. NID, will be… Continue reading Tribute to The ‘Master’

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Freezing Frames and Patterns

Camera is one of the versatile tool to explore. I love playing with it’s features and results are always surprises when it interact with different surfaces. Sharing some of my observation where I was trying to freeze frames and capture new patterns every time.  These are some of the video Art installation at Art Basel,… Continue reading Freezing Frames and Patterns